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Abbygail Acham is a “Jill of many trades” and a unique force to be reckoned with; born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada, she has lived a diverse life thus far, including six months as a teenager, spent living on the beautiful island of Antigua.

Living on the island where her parents descended from gave her a rare opportunity to connect with her family history and was a life-changing experience.


Fast forward through a career dotted with forays into various industries, including hairstyling, music, brand ambassador and experiential marketing, technical and customer service support, insurance and risk management, entrepreneurship, and tax preparation and accounting. Abbygail has returned to her true passion of accounting by enrolling in a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting degree program in 2020. Currently completing her third year due to advanced standing, school is her focus and priority. However, she is proud of her selection to participate in the Strategic Advisory Council of Afro Cannada Budsistas Inc.

As an avid cannabis user for many years, Abbygail has further developed a passion for cannabis and mental health advocacy. Combining her many talents and desires is a frequent endeavour in Abbygail’s life, as she continues to do so in her aspiration to work in the cannabis accounting space. As a budding, future Chartered Professional Accountant, she is passionate about empowering others regarding financial and tax literacy. Ultimately, she wants members of the Black community to be equipped with financial knowledge that was not previously accessible or readily available to them and prides herself on sharing this knowledge whenever the opportunity arises.


As a member of Afro Cannada Budsistas Inc.’s Facebook group, Abbygail found immense support and sisterhood present, a platform for normalizing various forms of cannabis use amongst Black women. ACB is and continues to be a safe space where she can be her authentic self and feel welcomed.


However, the Budsistas group has grown beyond its humble Facebook beginnings to a corporate venture requiring the support and direction of the Strategic Advisory Council (SAC). Enter Abbygail with her previous administrative background, financial knowledge, business acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit to enhance her role within SAC and guide the future initiatives that Afro Cannada Budsistas will be undertaking. She is excited about participating in this upcoming role and in the bright future that lies ahead for the Budsistas as an organization.

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