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If you had to encapsulate a person with a single letter, E would be enough to pique your interest in Erica Elita Edwards – encourager, educator, serial entrepreneur, event planner, and an incredibly empowered woman. She is intelligent and insightful; Erica’s well-honed communication and networking skills have accompanied her from past roles as a talk show host and facilitator. These skills continue to serve her well as she embarks on a new journey as a member of the Strategic Advisory Council for Afro Cannada Budsistas Incorporated. In this role, Erica’s past community advocacy and outreach work are also allowed to thrive and shine as she continues to foster meaningful dialogues and courageous conversations, specifically within the cannabis space.


As a long-time cannabis user, Erica’s relationship with cannabis has improved over the last two years, learning more about cannabis in that time than in the previous 20 years.She attributes this improvement and increased knowledge directly to her experience as a member of Afro Cannada Budsistas Inc., leading her to discover more about the medicinal and spiritual aspects of the plant and other methods of consumption. But Erica’s interest and intrigue with cannabis do not stop there.

She is very excited about the economic implications of the legalization of cannabis in Canada and the residual benefits for so many women, especially Black women, who are typically ignored and underserved in many industries. The abundance of cannabis-related business opportunities generated as a positive casualty of legalization inspires Erica to continue championing the independence and enrichment of Black women; the end of stigmatization of Black women who consume cannabis will follow legalization.


Erica’s role on the Strategic Advisory Council of Afro CannadaBudsistas Inc. allows her to promote this desired end and work towards achieving it.

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