"Because how can you fly if you're tied down" the cannabis journey of Sabrina the Vegan Villain

For our 22nd episode we were joined by my fellow Budsista: Sabrina the Vegan Villain and founder of the natural care product line called As Intended All Natural. Sabrina is a deeply spiritual Cannasista who began using cannabis for pain management as a medical cannabis patient 6 years ago and she’s never looked back.

Listening to Sabrina, we learn that it took her just under a year to experiment with different types of cannabis strains as well as methods of ingestion to find out what worked best for her. I think our listeners will really enjoy learning from her the different ways she benefits from incorporating cannabis throughout her life.

Sabrina can be found on social media at:

IG: Asintended_allnatural

website: www.aian.ca

Facebook: As Intended All Natural

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QUOTES from this episode:

"What we deny persists, when you smoke you can’t deny"

“I put that bad boy on EVERYTHING”

“It is a holy plant I’m telling you”

“I’m talking to God, so when you get elevated you’re able to have a better conversation with the spirits”

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