Mama I Made It! Natalie Cox & MsWeedWiki's Khadisha Thornhill now on Leafly's The Roll-Up Podcast

A gratitude post...

Natalie Cox and I are are so proud to have been featured recently on 's The Roll-Up Podcast. I can honestly say that a year ago when Natalie and I were just reveling in being TWO Black women who found each other and were into using cannabis, we never quite envisioned all of this.

We didn't plan for a global pandemic either. And while the names of countless Black victims of police brutality are always in mind, I never envisioned Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor's (#sayhername) and a global reckoning on white supremacy burning into our collective consciousness. I am grateful for a lot though, including our ability to identify & articulate a need and our commitment to believing in ourselves and our skills to pivot in order to meet it.

Continuing on the gratitude roll, we are grateful to our villages and teams that surround us. To our amazing Facebook Admin Team (rockstars), our creative teams (Sia Williams, Malik Cox, Devlin Thornhill, Jax Inc. Media & Lamourie PR) to our many supporters who guide and amplify us like Kelly's Green Lounge, Irie Medz, Mimi Cannabis, Shatterizer, Cannawrite, PACC, Yardy Rolling Papers, Nattily Attired Skin Care, Vellum Health, and so many more... And finally I'm grateful to the Budsistas themselves... We are damn fortunate that we get to meet and interact with amazing Black women every day, including staunch advocates like Loud Mouth Brown Girl's Devon J. Hall, and Faded Living's Necole Hines & Master of Marijuana's Chantel Phillpotts.

If I have forgotten to mention you (and I'm sure there are many), please accept my sincere apologies. Achieving the chance to amplify our message on our Afro Cannada Budsistas movement caused me to get HIGH high to celebrate... Join us for our upcoming anniversary party & celebration over Zoom and I will make it up to you there!

In the meantime and between time, #staylifted