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MsWeedWiki SPEAKS Podcast Episode 1: Discussing cannabis & spirituality with Joanne Gaskins

In this inaugural episode of the MsWeedWiki SPEAKS podcast, MsWeedWiki sets the stage with her first podcast guest ever, Ms Joanne Gaskins. Joanne is a clairaudient intuitive healer and reiki practitioner.

"Joanne is an advocate for liberating the conversations that bind us. Prevent us from knowing and remembering why we are here so we can add value to ourselves and other beings" - from her website

Joanne can be found on social media:

IG: infinite_potential_spirit

Twitter: @jogaspet


Photo credit: Malik Xavier Cox

#blackwomen #Blackspirituality #clairaudient #normalizingcannabis #femininepower #manifesting

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