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Ontario Cannabis Store exceeded my expectations AGAIN 😊

And I for one, couldn’t be happier. Especially when you account for us entering our second extended lockdown of 2020.

The Quick and Dirty

After spending the weekend in an amazing Cannabis Law & Ethics course, I’m rewarding my commitment to completing it despite a 2hr ER visit at 2:30am this morning due to a severe allergy reaction.

Being doped up with Benadryl & prednisone couldn’t keep me from diving headfirst into class content.

Grateful for my trusty #JackHerer strain in my Shatterizer for keeping me uplifted and focused.

And extremely grateful for the speedy OCS delivery right to my door some 26 hours after I made my order...

This haul from OCS (whose prices are remarkably reasonable lately) consists of

3 vape cartridges:

🍃 @kolabproject #JackHerer

🍃 @callitcolor #GhostTrainHaze

🍃 @puresunfarms #IslandHoney

And because my @ldextracts battery died, I’ve now picked up a very reasonably priced @goodsupplycannabisco battery as well as some of my favourite flower by them: #RoyalHighness

Some additional flower I grabbed:

🍃 Island Honey by @puresunfarms (to compare with their vape cart)

🍃#greencrush by @48nrth

So after completing the final weekend warrior course of a 5-course program, I’m practicing some #radicalselflove this evening 🙌🏾

Enjoy your #selfcaresunday IG




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