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[FSX-P3D] Milviz - Aircraft Collection Download Pc hargray




dont know what version that is, how do I run a ps? Dr_Willis: and its on a windows system with different apps ActionParsnip: does it have 2 pcs in the same house? :) usb keyboard also.. I do think usb keyboard = firewire Dr_Willis: 2 in the same house no. Dr_Willis: different apps though, e.g. all the web apps are through browser I would like to put a folder on my desktop called @home i can then move all the pics from all the files into that folder and it will then all be under one name which i can use with the find command. This way i dont have to store them in the root folder but under a sub folder. Can anyone help me out with this. hi timo_: just move them over from the other folders.. or just make a script to mv all the files/dirs to it. can someone pls tell me how to change the font sizes in xfce 4.8? i dont know of any gui way to do that timo_, use "find ~/Desktop/* -name "*blabla*" -exec mv {}../" timo_: in nautilus, right click the folder, properties, details and you can change the name timo_: thats why I suggested making a script to do it. yes i know about find and exec. I want to do it at the end of a script though i will get the script down in a second timo_: then you mowe the whole script.. :) timo_: use a simple'scrip' that just runs 'find ~/Desktop/* -name "*blabla*" -exec mv {}../' how do I install adobe reader?



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