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Khadisha Thornhill, aka Ms. WeedWiki, is a co-founder of the Afro Cannada Budsistas, an online space created and dedicated to the normalization of cannabis use for Black women in Canada.


Using her skills developed during three years of helping to grow a significant online space for Black moms (BMC), the Afro Cannada Budsistas has now grown to just over 800 members.


In addition to promoting theme days and education about cannabis use, MsWeedwiki runs two weekly virtual mental health check-in sessions for Black women across North America to share cannabis online while discussing their wins and losses trying to manage mental health in an overwhelmingly triggering outside environment.


Outside of the Facebook group’s intimate online space, the ACB started their website where MsWeedwiki promotes blog posts, educational videos on how to use cannabis accessories and her special baby: the MsWeedWiki SPEAKS Podcast, which features interviews chronicling the cannabis journey, passions and endeavours of notable individuals in the North American cannabis space.


In addition to this, MsWeedwiki is a founding member & previous treasurer of PACC (Peoples Alliance of Cannabis in Canada). She led an advisory team focused on increasing BIPOC inclusion in the Canadian cannabis industry.


MsWeedwiki isn't just an alias or cool nickname. Ms. Thornhill recently completed the Cannabis Industry Specialization program at Durham College. She will be looking at other ways to combine her 20+ years of insurance claims litigation experience to assist PACC in developing alternative dispute resolutions for the cannabis space.


Khadisha is also passionately committed to advocating for better medical cannabis coverage for patients across Canada by working on finding real solutions to eliminating the barrier of access to cannabis medication created by Canadian extended health benefits providers and insurance carriers.

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