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MsWeedWiki SPEAKS Episode 11: "I mix my herb like I mix my Tea" with Will The_Puffin_Guru

In this episode I'm joined by holistic wellness coach and cannabis advocate Will the Puffin Guru of Chicago Illinois. Will owns the cannabis wellness brand Grind n Grow Chicago which produces the amazing Inhale & Stretch series on Instagram.

I first had the pleasure of meeting this week's podcast guest back in early December when I was a guest on his Inhale & Stretch Show broadcasting Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings on IGTV. I think what listeners will pick up on immediately is Will The_Puffin_Guru's passion for holistic wellness. He's a real student of the cannabis plant and his enthusiasm for teaching others about its benefits is infectious.

Will The_Puffin_Guru can be found on social media:

Instagram: @grindngrowchicago with his Inhale & Stretch show broadcasting on IGTV Live every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning at 8:50am EST.

Twitter: @dichotomy361

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