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MsWeedWiki SPEAKS Episode 7: How "Work was getting in the way" with Necole Hines of Faded Living

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

In this episode, we are joined by Necole Hines, who is owner of the cannabis lifestyle brand Faded Living. In addition to sharing her journey with the cannabis plant, Necole provides valuable insights and perspectives as someone who has been working in the Vancouver cannabis industry for the past three years. Necole has lived in 3 provinces, is a former restauranteur & caterer and is passionate about educating patients and recreational cannabis consumers on cannabis-infused dining options and experiences. She's also a founder of the cannabis amnesty organization Louder Together and an advisory board member of the Peoples Alliance of Cannabis in Canada aka P.A.C.C. Necole loves rocking to her own beat. Necole can be found on all social media platforms as @fadedliving Her website Faded Living can be found on Facebook Email: #normalizingcannabis #medicalcannabis #naturalhealth #speaktotheplant #auroracannabis #graymarket #dispensaries #vancouvercannabis #loudertogether #peoplesallianceofcannabis #BIPOC #fadedliving #cannabisindustry #BIPOCinclusion #cannabisamnesty




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